# Evennia Documentation

This is the manual of Evennia, the open source Python MU* creation system.
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There is `a lengthier introduction`_ to read. You might also want to read about
Getting Started Admin Docs Builder Docs |Developer- Central| tutorial API
`Getting Started`_ `Admin Docs`_ `Builder Docs`_ `Developer Central`_ `Tutorials & Examples`_ `API`_

suggestion box: http://tinyurl.com/c4tue23 .. _a lengthier introduction: Evennia-Introduction.html .. _how to get and give help: how-to-get-and-give-help .. _Getting Started: Getting-Started.html .. _Admin Docs: Administrative-Docs.html .. _Builder Docs: Builder-Docs.html .. _Developer Central: Developer-Central.html .. _Tutorials & Examples: Tutorials.html .. _API: evennia