Client Support Grid

This grid tries to gather Evennia-specific knowledge about the various clients and protocols used. Everyone’s welcome to report their findings.


  • Name: The name of the client. If it’s only available for a specific OS, it should be noted here too.
  • Version: Which version or range of client versions were tested.
  • Comments: Any comments or quirks on using this client with Evennia should be added here. Also note if some other protocol than Telnet is used (like Websockets, SSH etc).

Client Grid

Name Version Comments
Evennia webclient 0.6 Uses WS/AJAX. Current client issues
tintin++ 2.0+ No MXP support
tinyfugue 5.0+ No UTF-8 support
MUSHclient(Win) 4.94 NAWS reports full text area
Zmud(Win) 7.21 UNTESTED
Cmud(Win) v3 UNTESTED
Potato 2.0.0b16 No MXP, MCCP support. Win 32bit does not understand “localhost”, must use Newline issue. *Won’t send a single blank line on Enter press.
Mudlet 3.4+ No known issues. Some older versions showed <> as html under MXP.
SimpleMU(Win) full UNTESTED. Discontinued. NAWS reports pixel size.
Atlantis(Mac) No known issues.
GMUD 0.0.1 Can’t handle any telnet handshakes. Not recommended.
BeipMU(Win) 3.0.255 No MXP support. Best to enable “MUD prompt handling”, disable “Handle HTML tags”.
MudRammer(IOS) 1.8.7 Bad Telnet Protocol compliance: displays spurious characters.
BlowTorch(Andr) 1.1.3 *Telnet NOP displays as spurious character.
Mukluk(Andr) 2015.11.20 *Telnet NOP displays as spurious character. Has UTF-8/Emoji support.
Gnome-MUD(Unix) 0.11.2 Telnet handshake errors. First (only) attempt at logging in fails.
Spyrit 0.4 No MXP, OOB support.
JamochaMUD 5.2 Does not support ANSI within MXP text.
DuckClient(Chrome) 4.2 No MXP support. Displays Telnet Go-Ahead and WILL SUPPRESS-GO-AH EAD as ù character. Also seems to run the version command on connection, which will not work in MULTISESSION _MODES above 1.
KildClient 2.11.1 No known issues.

Workarounds for client issues:

Issue: Telnet NOP displays as spurious character.

Known Clients
  • Set the command in game to @option NOPKEEPALIVE=off for the session, or use the /save parameter to disable it for that Evennian account permanently.
  • Client-side: Set a gag-type trigger on the NOP character to make it invisible to the client.

Issue: Won’t send blank line on Enter key press.

Known Clients
  • Press Control Enter, then Enter key again to send blank line.