Whether due to abuse, blatant breaking of your rules, or some other reason you will eventually find no other recourse but to kick out a particularly troublesome player. The default command set has admin tools to handle this, primarily @ban, @unban and @boot.

Creating a ban

Say we have a troublesome player “YouSuck” - this is a guy that refuse common courtesy - an abusive and spammy account that is clearly created by some bored internet hooligan only to cause grief. You have tried to be nice. Now you just want this troll gone.

Name ban

The easiest is to block the account YouSuck from ever connecting again.

@ban YouSuck

This will lock the name YouSuck (as well as ‘yousuck’ and any other combination), and next time they try to log in with this name the server will not let them!

You can also give a reason so you remember later why this was a good thing (the banned account will never see this)

@ban YouSuck:This is just a troll.

If you are sure this is just a spam account, you might even consider deleting the player account outright:

@delaccount YouSuck

Generally banning the name is the easier and safer way to stop the use of an account – if you change your mind you can always remove the block later whereas a deletion is permanent.

IP ban

Just because you block YouSuck’s name might not mean the trolling human behind that account gives up. They can just create a new account YouSuckMore and be back at it. One way to make things harder for them is to tell the server to not allow connections from their particular IP address.

First, when the offending account is online, check which IP address they use. This you can do with the who command, which will show you something like this:

Account Name     On for     Idle     Room     Cmds     Host
YouSuck         01:12      2m       22       212      237.333.0.223

The “Host” bit is the IP address from which the account is connecting. Use this to define the ban instead of the name:

@ban 237.333.0.223

This will stop YouSuck connecting from his computer. Note however that IP addresses might change easily - either due to how the player’s Internet Service Provider operates or by the user simply changing computer. You can make a more general ban by putting asterisks * as wildcards for the groups of three digits in the address. So if you figure out that !YouSuck mainly connects from 237.333.0.223, 237.333.0.225 and 237.333.0.256 (only changes in the local subnet), it might be an idea to put down a ban like this to include any number in that subnet:

@ban 237.333.0.*

You should combine the IP ban with a name-ban too of course, so the account YouSuck is truly locked regardless of from where they connect.

Be careful with too general IP bans however (more asterisks above). If you are unlucky you could be blocking out innocent players who just happen to connect from the same subnet as the offender.


YouSuck is not really noticing all this banning yet though - and won’t until having logged out and tries to log back in again. Let’s help the troll along.

@boot YouSuck

Good riddance. You can give a reason for booting too (to be echoed to the player before getting kicked out).

@boot YouSuck:Go troll somewhere else.

Lifting a ban

Give the @unban (or @ban) command without any arguments and you will see a list of all currently active bans:

Active bans
id   name/ip       date                      reason
1    yousuck       Fri Jan 3 23:00:22 2020   This is just a Troll.
2    237.333.0.*   Fri Jan 3 23:01:03 2020   YouSuck's IP.

Use the id from this list to find out which ban to lift.

 @unban 2

Cleared ban 2: 237.333.0.*